Feeling Fishy
Feeling Fishy
Salmon and Parsley Nibbles - made with sustainable wild caught pink salmon.
150g of delicious fish shaped nibbles perfect for training, enrichment or just a healthy snack.
We use a sustainable caught wild Alaskan salmon, not caught with FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) which are man-made objects that unintenionally 'by-catch' other species. The salmon is not organic, as this requires 'fish farms' which produce a fish with a lower nutritional value and contribute to water pollution through waste products which effect natural marine habitats.
Freshly handmade to order in small batches. Oven baked and dehydrated, then packaged in a heat sealed bag for freshness.
Ingredients: wild caught sustainable alaskan pink salmon, parsley, organic honey, organic coconut oil, organic wholemeal flour, organic free range egg, baking powder, natural colouring (organic beetroot powder).
Shelf life 3 months.
Due to the handmade individual nature, may not look exactly as pictured.

Feeling Fishy