Uni(Corn) - pupcorn based on our bestselling Unicorn Poop®️


Addictive yummy nibbles - perfect for treats, training, or snacking with your hoomans while watching Netflix!


50g Air popped organic corn with a peanut butter & honey topping in 5 different superfood colours and flavours;

- beetroot

- green spirulina

- blue spirulina

- turmeric

- black goji berry


Organic, sugar free, salt free, no artificial preservatives, natural ingredients. Freshly handmade to order in small batches. Air popped corn kernels, baked with topping, dehydrated to retain freshness and packed in a heat sealed bag.


To be used within a few days of opening, but can bake in the oven at a low temperature setting for 3-5 mins to regain the crisp freshness if required.


Ingredients: organic corn kernels, organic honey, organic peanut butter, organic coconut oil, organic beetroot, green spirulina, blue spirulina, black goji berries and organic turmeric.


Due to the handmade individual nature, may not look exactly as pictured.